helping the world

Under CSR, our company has made substantial contributions to defense forces and construction of access rural roads including access roads to local government establishments and schools in areas where we execute construction projects in our localities to enhance the quality of life of the community.

CSR projects

Environment & Quality

KDAW enhances its stake holder and public ‘quality of life’ through effective, companywide implementation of a ‘quality management system’ and an ‘environment management system’ that conform to international standards. We practice environment friendly operations via a) by conforming to statutory regulations, b) by adapting the best practices and c) through waste reduction and optimum use of locally available resources.


We support the community via construction of access rural roads, rehabilitation and carpeting of roads, constructing of a shrine room and a vihara mandiraya, construction of a basketball court, funding the construction of a specimen home garden at a divisional secretariat, and construction in a water project.


K. D. A. Weerasinghe and Co. as a renowned and responsible company has implemented processors to ensure the safety to all those who are entitled to be present in any of our workplaces.